About Tooth Extractions

What is a tooth extraction?

Dr. Blank and the team at Neighborhood Dentistry PC are passionate about oral care. But while they do their utmost to keep your teeth healthy and intact by treating any issues as soon as possible, it’s not always possible to save a tooth that has significant damage. In these instances, Dr. Blank performs a tooth extraction.

If you need to undergo a tooth extraction, Dr. Blank talks you through your options and answers your questions to help you feel entirely comfortable with your procedure.

What are the signs you need a tooth extraction?
Tooth extraction is an effective treatment for a dental issue that could worsen if left untreated. It may also be a necessary part of other dental procedures. Dr. Blank may recommend tooth extractions in the following circumstances:

  • Prosthetics preparation
  • Orthodontics preparation
  • Overcrowding relief
  • Gum disease
  • Tooth infection
  • Tooth or gum trauma
  • Untreatable tooth decay

You may feel anxious when considering a tooth extraction, but there’s no need. The team at Neighborhood Dentistry PC strives to make your experience as comfortable, pleasant, and pain-free as possible.

What are the different types of tooth extraction?

Tooth extractions vary depending on the type of tooth you need removing and its condition.

Simple extraction

A simple extraction involves removing your tooth with dental tools. This method is suitable for teeth that have developed normally and are easy to extract. Dr. Blank uses a local anesthetic to numb the area, and you remain awake during the procedure. Although you may feel slight pressure, you don’t feel any pain.

Surgical extraction

If a tooth is impacted or partly visible, Dr. Blank must perform a surgical extraction to remove the tooth without damaging the surrounding teeth or nerves. You may have a local and intravenous (IV) anesthetic to make you a little drowsy while still awake, or for more complex surgeries, you have a general anesthetic and remain unconscious throughout.

Dr. Blank cuts into the gum and lifts the tooth out. If there’s bone over the tooth, he’ll cut into that too. If your tooth proves to be especially stubborn, he may need to break the tooth and remove it in parts.

Afterward, Dr. Blank thoroughly cleans the area and applies gauze to stop the bleeding.

Tooth extraction is a safe and common procedure. If your tooth is causing you problems, call Neighborhood Dentistry PC today to book your appointment.

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