About Fillings

What is a filling?

Tooth decay causes holes to form in your teeth — commonly called cavities. If untreated, the hole gets bigger, exposing the root and nerves and allowing food and bacteria to get inside.

Dr. Blank uses a tooth-colored composite resin filling to “fill” the cavity. There is a second type of filling called an amalgam filling. However, it’s silver-colored, which makes it far more noticeable. Dr. Blank offers composite fillings because they’re virtually undetectable.

Composite fillings are also safer because they’re made from a plastic resin material. Although amalgam fillings are silver-colored, they’re usually made from a metal alloy that often includes mercury, a material that could potentially be harmful.

If you need a filling, reach out to Dr. Blank. And if you currently have amalgam fillings, call Neighborhood Dentistry PC to discuss replacing these with a discreet tooth-colored alternative.

What does getting a filling involve?

A filling treatment typically lasts around one hour but may take longer depending on how many teeth need treating.

Dr. Blank starts by numbing the gums around the treatment area. He then drills into your tooth to remove the decay. Once the decay is gone, he packs the cavity left behind with the composite resin to close the hole.

Your mouth remains numb for an hour or two after your treatment. As the numbing treatment wears off, it’s normal to feel tender and some sensitivity, which could continue for a day or two.

Dr. Blank ensures your comfort throughout your treatment and is available to answer all your questions beforehand.

Are there any special care instructions for fillings?

Fillings are easy to care for — you can treat them just as you would your natural teeth, brushing with fluoride toothpaste and flossing twice a day. Fluoride toothpaste helps strengthen your teeth and prevent further decay, so Dr. Blank also recommends fluoride treatment at your twice-yearly checkup.

Fillings can fall out or become loose, so avoid anything that puts the safety of your teeth at risk. Don’t use teeth on hard-to-open items or bite down on hard materials, and if you take part in high-risk activities, wear a mouthguard, face shield, or helmet.

Composite fillings prolong tooth health and create an attractive, natural appearance. If you have tooth pain, contact Neighborhood Dentistry PC today.

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