About Dentures

What are dentures?

Dentures are devices that help replace missing teeth. Depending on your dental needs, you may be eligible for complete or partial dentures. Complete dentures replace all the teeth on the top or bottom jaw, while partial dentures replace only some of your teeth. Partial dentures are often attached to your remaining teeth.

What kinds of dentures are available?

In the past, patients who needed dentures had to rely on flimsy, poorly fitting appliances. Old-fashioned dentures were often uncomfortable and looked artificial. But modern dentures offer a comfortable, natural-looking replacement for missing teeth.

One significant advantage of new dentures is that they can be attached to dental implants. This process helps keep your dentures securely in place when you eat, drink, or talk. At Neighborhood Dentistry PC, Dr. Blank and his team offer full and partial dentures. Full dentures replace the entire dental arch, while partial dentures replace just one or two teeth — not necessarily next to each other.

If you’re worried that your dentures will look artificial, Dr. Blank and his team can set your fears to rest. Dr. Blank selects dentures that closely match the color and shape of your natural teeth. Your custom-made dentures will look and feel just like your natural teeth.

How are dentures fitted?

During your consultation at Neighborhood Dentistry PC, Dr. Blank examines your mouth and dental history to ensure you’re a good fit for dentures. Next, he takes X-rays and impressions of your mouth to create your new dentures. If necessary, he removes any decayed or damaged teeth or schedules a follow-up appointment to do so.

Dr. Blank helps you choose the right size, shape, and shade for your new dentures. Your dentures are then crafted by an expert dental lab and sent to the Neighborhood Dentistry PC office. Once your dentures are ready, Dr. Blank fits them into your mouth. He makes any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.

What results can I expect?

Many patients are delighted to see how their dentures improve their appearance. But dentures do more than correct cosmetic problems.

Missing teeth can cause big problems down the line. Your remaining teeth may shift to fill the gap, and the alignment of your jaw can change. Dentures help protect your oral health and prevent expensive dental problems in the future.

No matter what dentures you choose, Dr. Blank and his team work tirelessly to make sure you’re satisfied with your new results. Call the office today to book your appointment.

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