Emergency Dentistry and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease Precautions

Emergency Dentistry and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disease Precautions: Which Dental Procedures Should You Wait for Treatment at This Time?

Do you think that you need emergency dentistry and the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease and subsequent lockdown is making you wait? While emergency dentistry services are still available, it is important for those who are in need of dental services to understand which dental procedures are available right now and which ones can wait to be treated until the current virus crisis is over.

The importance of taking precautions right now

Learning what emergency dentistry services are offered while under quarantine for the current COVID-19 pandemic is necessary, as some services are available and some are not. This precautionary approach is essential to help prevent the spread of the virus and requires everyone to play their part. According to the American Dental Association, we all need to work together to prevent the spread of the virus, which includes postponing non-urgent dental procedures.

Dental procedures that can wait

Any type of elective dental procedure can wait during the current COVID-19 pandemic. While the list below includes examples of specific dental procedures that do not require treatment until the current pandemic is over, it is important to understand that any dental problem that causes one to experience ongoing or severe pain is considered to be a dental emergency.

Lost fillings, crowns and bridges

A lost or broken dental filling, dental crown or bridge can often wait to be treated by a dental professional. When someone finds themselves in this particular situation, they will need to practice self-care until they are able to make an appointment for treatment. This includes doing things like avoiding chewing on the side of the mouth that is experiencing the lost filling, crown or bridge.

Small chips in one’s teeth

Minor tooth chips are often repaired using a dental bonding procedure, which means that this dental procedure can wait to be treated until the COVID-19 crisis is over. It is important for those who experience a chip in one of their teeth to be mindful so as not to further the damage. For those who experience any irritation due to the chip, they can use wax paraffin to protect their tongue, cheek, etc.

Minor toothaches

A minor toothache can happen for a few different reasons, e.g., cavity, chips, blunt force trauma, etc. Since minor toothaches tend to go away within a day are two, self-care often resolves any discomfort associated with this type of tooth problem. Self-care treatment options include using a cold compress, saltwater rinsing, taking any oral pain medication if necessary and drinking peppermint tea.

Emergency dentistry and the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease: Any questions?

Since only emergency dentistry services are available during the COVID-19 crisis, it is understood that many dental procedures can wait to be treated until the crisis is over. It is essential for everyone to abide by the guidelines currently in place, as this helps keep everyone safe. For those who have any questions about their dental care needs, as well as emergency dentistry and the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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