What to Expect at Your Dental Checkup​

Understanding what happens when making a dental checkup appointment is a great idea. When someone knows what to expect, they tend to feel much more comfortable when they know what is going to happen. This is especially true for anyone who experiences any level of dental anxiety or fear.

The importance of good oral health

Want to make a dental checkup appointment to ensure your oral health is in good shape? Good idea. According to the American Dental Association. many people believe that they need to see a dentist only if they are in pain or think something is wrong, but regular dental visits can contribute to a lifetime of good oral health. When someone’s oral health is in good shape, it is likely that their overall health is also in good shape. Ready to find out what to expect during a dental checkup?

What happens during a dental checkup

The list below includes commonly recommended treatments and/or procedures that one can expect to undergo during a dental checkup appointment. It is important to understand how often they need to undergo this type of dental appointment, as checkup appointments tend to take place every three months, every six months, every nine months and once a year.


X-rays are not always taken for new dental checkup appointments, as they are only needed every so often. This means patients who are seen more often may only need to have X-rays taken every other appointment or so. X-rays may be taken even if someone is seen more often, as dental X-rays allow dental professionals to see more in-depth information about one’s teeth and gums. Examples of what X-rays can show include cavities, bone loss and abscesses.

A thorough mouth exam

A dental professional will perform a comprehensive examination of the patient’s mouth, as this allows them to check for any oral problems. They will check the entire mouth to look for signs of cancer, to see if there are any signs of gum disease and to look for teeth grinding or clenching problems. If any oral problems are found, any necessary dental treatments will be added to the patient’s file. This treatment plan must be followed in order for the patient to once again be in good oral health.

A cleaning of the teeth

Checkup appointments include cleaning one’s teeth. This part of the checkup appointment is very important, as dental professionals use special tools to remove any existing plaque or tartar buildup. If it is determined that a patient needs a deep cleaning, they will need to make an additional appointment to undergo this next level of a dental cleaning. Patients can avoid the need to undergo a deep dental cleaning by practicing good oral hygiene and making regular dental checkup appointments.

Dental checkups

Now that the importance of a dental checkup is understood, those who are in need of this essential dental appointment must be sure to make regular appointments. When it comes to how often checkups are needed, this is a discussion that needs to be made between the patient and the dentist. Those who have questions about any of the above checkup procedures are more than welcome to contact us for further information.

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